Recently Added Businesses

DELTA Ministries International


ABWE Association of Baptists for World Evangelism, Inc.

Independent Baptist mission agency. More than 1,000 missionaries in 70 countries around the world.

MPC Church Signs

MPC has been making church signs for 50 years, and take justifiable pride in the longevity of our signs. Church Signs are the only type of signs we produce.

Bibles for Missions

An affiliate of Bible League

Evangelical Mission Ministries, Inc.

Interdenominational, evangelical ministry involved in church planting, child evangelism, church construction, theological education, literature distribution and youth programs.

Churches' Council on Theological Education in Canada

CCTE promotes dialogue and discernment with respect to the content and practice of initiating collaborative and cooperative ventures which enrich that landscape.

Here's Life (Campus Crusade for Christ)

Partner with inner city churches and mission to reach and empower poor people with the gospel and with practical life skills.

International Seamen's Centre

Providing a home away from home for seamen who come to the port.

Maison de l'Ancre


Société Biblique Canadienne

To reach every person with the life-giving Word of God and to encourage its use. The Canadian Bible Society exists to promote and encourage, without doctrinal note or comment, the translation, publica