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Salvation Army - Alabama


Alliance for Children Everywhere

Honoring the strengths and diversities of different cultures, Alliance for Children Everywhere works with God’s people across the lines of race, nationality and denomination to bring orphans and

Church of the Lutheran Brethren of America


Aufgang Travel

Established in 1949, Aufgang Travel is a full-service travel agency specializing in custom-designed tours for individuals, groups and organizations. As one of Canada’s most experienced travel ag

Christian International 7 Mountain Kingdom Influencers

Christian International & 7 Mountain Kingdom Influencers share a passion for impacting each specific sphere of influence and building relationship with other like-minded members.

Bible Basics International

Bible Teaching Materials -Providing simplified, systematic Bible teaching for new and untaught believers as a foundation for their Christian faith through missionary radio and follow-up literature; Ra

Crossroads Bible College

Crossroads Bible College is an undergraduate institution distinct from most other Christian colleges. We are committed to train Christian leaders to reach a multi-ethnic urban world for Christ modelin

Biblical Counseling Foundation

Trains and equips Christians to disciple/ counsel others using the Bible as their only authoritative source.

Miracle Truss


Explorer's Bible Study

Explorer’s Bible Study is a non-denominational, non-profit, organization which invites all to a closer walk with God through in-depth study of God’s Word. Since 1977 they have encouraged c