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Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops CCCB Publications

Official publishing office for the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops offers the highest quality English and French Texts: -Official texts for the preparation and celebration of the liturgy and s

Believer's Bookshelf Canada Inc.

Believer’s Bookshelf Canada Inc. is a non-profit charity/ ministry/ publisher/ supplier of scripturally accurate materials to help the spiritual growth and welfare of Christians of all ages anyw

The Gideons International In Canada | ShareWord Global

The Gideons International In Canada is an interdenominational association of Christian business and professional men whose mission is to communicate the gospel of Jesus Christ, through personal evange

Pioneer Bible Translators

Pioneer Bible Translators bridges the gap between the church and the Bibleless peoples around the world. Our team is composed of Bible translators, literacy evangelists, church planters and a variety

Kirkbride Bible & Technology

Thompson Chain- Reference Study Bible – KJV, NIV, NASB, NKJV, many binding styles, 3 sizes. Also children’s Bibles, student Bible, Bible software.

Canadian Bible Society/ Société Biblique Canadienne

To reach every person with the life-giving Word of God and to encourage its use. The Canadian Bible Society exists to promote and encourage, without doctrinal note or comment, the translation, publica

World Mission

Distribute The Treasure (solar powered audio Bible available in 6,000 languages) among unreached people groups. Support humanitarian efforts and train national leaders in distribution areas.

Canadian Lifelight Ministries

Our goal is to serve Christ and the Church in evangelism and discipleship by providing God’s Word in contemporary languages so that people around the world may come to faith in Jesus Christ.

American Bible Society

Our mission today is to make the Bible available to every person in a language and format each can understand and afford so all people

Conférence des évêques catholiques du Canada - Éditions de la CECC