Deaf Ministry

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cbm Canada is a Christian international development organization committed to improving quality of life for persons with disabilities in the poorest countries of the world. We serve people who have a

Christian Mission for the Deaf

CMD is an evangelical organization of Christian/ Plymouth tradition engaged in education and gospel work among the deaf in Africa.

ComCare International

It is our mission to assist people with hearing impairment in developing countries by improving their hearing with a solar powered hearing aid.

ComCare International


D.O.O.R. International (Deaf Opportunity OutReach)

D.O.O.R. International is a mission organization dedicated to reaching the 25-40 million Deaf of the world. Our purpose is to find Deaf Christians and teach them the Bible, worship skills and Christi

Deaf Missions

Creates Bible visuals and daily devotionals for the deaf; trains fellow Christians to work with the deaf; translates Bible in American Sign Language.

Deaf Missions International

In that the Deaf may come to know Jesus Christ and make Him know…. DMI provides deaf children and deaf adults access to the Word of God through the following Mission Projects: 1. Missionary &#

National Association of the Deaf

Provides pastoral service to those who teach deaf children and adults, to deaf children’s parents & pastors and to organizations who serve the deaf. The nation’s premier civil rights

National Catholic Office for the Deaf

“Spread God’s Message through the support of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Pastoral Ministry so that we may all be on in Christ””. “

Silent Word Ministries

Retreats, evangelism, studies, as a ministry to the deaf. Defamation & Discrimination (anti).